Examples of Bouzoukis and guitar bouzoukis

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Bouzoukis and Guitar bouzoukis

The gbl Irish bouzoukis and gbl guitar bouzoukis are characterized by the highest transparency, enormous volume and fast swinging of the soundboard.

The selection of wood and the type of bracing (ladder bracing, X-bracing) affect the variety of tones that can be achieved.

gbl uses a wide variety of woods for its bouzoukis, e.g. carefully seasoned spruce is available for the soundboard.

The necks are usually made of maple or cedro.

And for the body the following woods are preferred: maple, rosewood, walnut or cherry.

Fingerboard and bridge are made of ebony, the frets are made of wood chips.

The neck is reinforced by an adjustable steel rod accessible through the sound hole. Neck shape and width can be chosen by the customer.

Schaller mini M6 with ebony buttons are the most commonly used mechanisms.

The scale is usually 650 mm, saddle and purfling are made of bone.

The strings are fastened underneath (bridge pins).


All instruments are handcrafted in the gbl workshop and are planned together with the customer. Only the best materials are used for construction and repairs. Visitors are always welcome to visit the workshop!



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